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“Guten tag — Wait… I look like him!?” The rest of the other woman’s words practically slipped Viktoria’s mind. She was appalled, and it really showed.

“Whaaaat. Are you implying that I look like a dude?” She asked, puffing out her cheeks irritably.

Elizabeta had just realize that the first thing she said out loud really did offend the other. That was not her intention at all for that matter. Perhaps she should have voiced that in her own thoughts.


“Of course you don’t! I think it would be a little weird for a guy to have long hair like you.” Perhaps the best thing for now would be to calm the other down. “I’m sorry for saying that out loud. You don’t look anything like a boy. I promise you that much.”

Viktoria chuckled, nodding in approval. “True! Since I’m drop dead gorgeous and all. You’re not half bad, by the way! Pretty decent, in fact.” She nodded again slowly, looking the other up and down.